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Mindfulness Kehopsykoterapiassa workshop 23.5 -24.5.09

Kokemuspainotteinen ja mielenkiintoinen työpaja järjestettiin ensi kertaa Suomessa ja se sai todella loistavan vastaanoton. Kouluttajana toimi psykologi ja psykoterapeuttien kouluttaja Halko Weiss, joka on  arvostettu ja johtava asiantuntija mindfulnessin käytössä kehopsykoterapiassa. Halko Weiss on yksi HakomiÒ-Instituutin perustajajäsenistä.

Työpajassa tutustuimme miten hyväksyvällä tietoisella läsnäololla lisätään kehontuntemusta ja miten sitä voidaan käyttää terapian apuna. Teimme erilaisia harjoitteita, jotka auttoivat meitä ymmärtämään kehon viestejä sekä integroimaan ne psykodynaamiseen prosessiin. Opimme myös erilaisia tekniikoita, miten kehon ja mielen yhteyttä voidaan hyödyntää sekä työssä että arjessa.

The Hakomi Approach to Mindfulness and the Body

a 2 day introduction to experiential psychotherapy
with Halko Weiss, Ph.D. Psychologist, author and Hakomi Trainer

  Who is this for? – therapists, health professionals, movement and bodywork practitioners, mindfulness teachers and anyone interested in exploring mindfulness, the body and their inner process together.

  MINDFULNESS AND THE BODY – A Key Factor in Healing

Over the last twenty years both the body and mindfulness have been cutting edge issues in all major sectors of the psychotherapeutic field.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy seems to embrace the Buddhist concept of mindfulness as a "third wave" in its evolution as neurobiologists start researching its function and effects. It is also a hot topic related to emotional intelligence, stress prevention, psychodynamic therapy and supportive treatments for a wide range of diseases.
The body is emerging at center stage as therapists study child development and ways to treat developmental and traumatic disorders, especially when the origin of the issue is in early childhood. And so the body is welcomed back into mainstream psychotherapy after a century of fringe existence.

  The Hakomi Method of Experiential Psychology

Working with mindfulness and the body has been the hallmark of the Hakomi Method which was developed by Ron Kurtz in the seventies, and honed by Kurtz and his colleagues ever since. In this approach the body and mindfulness are deeply integrated and related in a psychodynamic process - a way of working that requires fairly fundamental shifts of attitude for the therapist: radical nondirectivity and a curious-experimental stance for instance. It also requires innovative techniques that support a therapeutic relationship based on complete acceptance and precise inquiry.

Participants will learn fundamental aspects of:

  • the concept and use of mindfulness,
  • how to integrate the body into psychodynamic therapy,
  • how to integrate mindfulness into such a process,
  • how to relate to emotional states when working with mindfulness or the body
  • what working with mindfulness and the body requires of the therapist,
  • some interventions and techniques shaped by the use of mindfulness and  the body.

  Halko Weiss, born 1947 in Germany, Ph.D., accredited clinical psychologist and psychotherapy lecturer. Halko is a co-founder and Senior Trainer of the Hakomi Institute in USA and Europe. He has worked closely with Ron Kurtz for many years, and is the author and editor of books and many other publications, among them the "Handbook of Body Psychotherapy" which was published in Germany and is now being translated into English. He offers workshops and trainings in the Hakomi Method as well as in his own approach to couples therapy and the human relationship.

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